Apply to Rock Medicine - Part 1 of 4


Please note that regular application processing is currently delayed as Rock Medicine focuses our efforts on supporting California's COVID-19 response.

We are currently accepting applications for both COVID-19 Response and Regular Volunteers, but only processing COVID-19 volunteers. We do not expect to begin processing new general applications / orientations before 2021.

Both COVID-19 Response and Regular Volunteers will have the option of on-boarding and volunteering at concerts when events resume. Please select the volunteer option that you applying for below.

Thank you for your interest in Rock Medicine! You can learn more about joining here. The first step in becoming a volunteer is completing this application, which includes sections about your background, experience, and interests. Once you submit it, it will be reviewed by our management team and you will receive more information via email. All fields are required.

Volunteer Details
Are you applying to volunteer in support of the COVID-19 Response?
Yes, I want to volunteer for COVID-19 response. I want to start volunteering immediately and may bridge into regular Rock Med post-COVID-19.
No, I am applying for a regular Rock Med volunteer role. I do not want to help with COVID-19 Response and will onboard post-COVID-19.
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